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To activate this command, you must first select the object that will revolve around an axis. To do this, you can use the Line, Circle, or Arc command. You then select the Revolve option from the Draw menu or type REVOLVE at the command line. The Revolve Command dialog box will appear on your screen.

The Revolve command is similar to the Extrude command in that it takes a 2D base form and revolves it around a defined axis at a certain angle instead of extruding it.

To make a revolve feature, follow these steps: Create a sketch that includes one or more profiles as well as a centerline, line, or edge to serve as the feature's axis. Choose one of the revolve tools below: Insert > Boss/Base > Revolve (Features toolbar) or Revolved Boss/Base (Insert > Boss/Base > Revolve).

All users have access to this tool. The Revolve tool may be used to generate solids like as spheres, cylinders, and cones by rotating faces or closed sketches. Not only that, but by adding height to your revolving sketch or face, you may make helical objects.

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