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How to use attribute definition

Attribute Definition in AutoCAD


Now in this video, we are going to learn that what is Attribute definition in AutoCAD.
The shortcut key for using the attribute definition in the command prompt window is the 'A+T+T+Enter' key.

As soon as we use this command, one menu will open in front of our screen named 'Attribute Definition'. In front of us, we have three blank spaces of Tag, Prompt, Default.

The tag identifies each occurrence of an attribute in the drawing. Here we will name it 'ROOM_NAME'.

Prompt specifies the prompt that is displayed when we insert a block containing this attribute definition. Here we will name it 'ROOM NAME'.
While default specifies the default attribute value, we can enter anything according to our choice in this blank space.

We can also manage text settings by entering justification of our choice, text style as we want, text height, rotation and many other options.
We will keep the modes as it is as given default.

After doing all the attribute definition settings, we will press OK and set the attribute we want on our main screen.

So this is how we can edit attribute properties as per our requirement and set the text style we want of our choice.


A label or tag that attaches data to a block is known as an attribute. A components list or bill of materials can be created using attribute data collected from a drawing in a spreadsheet or database. You can associate many attributes with a block as long as each attribute has its own tag.

After you've established the area, you'll need to create the attributes. The command to do so is called "Define Attributes" under the "Insert" tab in the "Block Definitions" category.

In AutoCAD, open a created model:

  • Select Edit Attribute from the context menu when you right-click a component in the model. The software displays the component tags in the Enhanced Attribute Editor dialogue box.

  • Adding Attributes to a Block is a process of adding attributes to a block.
  • Add a new block to an existing one. Either from the command line or by selecting AC Module [Modify] Explode>. ... type 'explode'.
  • Page 2 of MD-CS-61-Creating Blocks with Attributes.doc.
  • c) Verify - asks for data twice to verify the attribute value you entered when inserting a. block.

Double-click the attribute you want to update in the list of attributes, or pick the attribute and click Edit. Change the following tabs in the Edit Attribute dialogue box, then click OK: Tab for attributes.

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