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How to draw polygon

How to Draw Polygon in Android - Polygon Command in AutoCAD

In this video we will see that how we can use Polygon command in AutoCAD and How to Draw Polygon in Android.

The shortcut key for polygon command in AutoCAD is 'POL'. Using polygon command we can draw number of shapes like triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, etc...

So first of all when we enter POL in our Command prompt window then we will be first asked to enter the number of sides, here we want to draw Pentagon so we will give number of sides equal to 5. After that we are asked to specify centre of polygon, we will select any point from our screen and then we will be asked that should our pentagon be inscribed in circle or circumscribed about circle, we will leave it and press enter, we will see that the polygon has been drawn on our screen.

Now we will draw two different circle of same radius, and than we will draw pentagon by selecting same centre of it with circle's. Now when we are asked that should we want our Pentagon to be inscribed in circle or circumscribed about circle, we can select any and see that when we select inscribed in circle option the pentagon which we drew is inside the circle while it is outside the circle in other case ie. in the case of circumscribed about circle.

We can draw any polygon according to our choice's edge size. While drawing any polygon we can go to 'Edge' option and enter the size of the edge as per we want and the polygon will be drawn accordingly.


POLygon is a 3D object that is used in AutoCAD. It is a polygon with a specified number of sides. The POLygon command can be used to create a POLygon object from scratch or to edit an existing POLygon.

The following are the different ways in which the POLygon command can be used:

  • To draw a new POLYGON:
  • To edit an existing POLYGON:
  • To delete an existing POLYGON:
  • To find out the number of sides on an existing POLYGON:
  • To find out the area of an existing POLYGON:
  • To find out the perimeter of an existing POLY

Drawing a polygon is a pretty easy task. All you need to do is to use the line command.

The syntax for this command is as follows:

  • line x y z ‌‌‌x y z ‌‌‌x y z
  • When you use this command, you are telling the computer that you want to create a line that will go from point x to point y, then end at point z.

Drawing a circle through a polygon command in AutoCAD is not an easy task. However, there are some tricks that you can try to make it easier for you:

  • Draw the polygon first.
  • Draw the circle on top of the polygon.
  • Extrude the circle to make it pass through the polygon.

A polygon is a two-dimensional shape with straight sides and angles. It can be any shape as long as it has at least three sides. A circle is a two-dimensional shape that curves in on itself to form a perfect circle. A polygon is made up of straight lines, while a circle is made up of curved lines.

The POLYGON command is used to create a polygon that is either open or closed. The polygon can be created from any combination of straight line segments, arcs, and circles:

  • To create an open polygon, the starting point and the final point must be different.
  • To create a closed polygon, the starting point and the final point must be the same.

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