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How to change Workspace in AutoCAD

How to change Workspace in AutoCAD

In this Video tutorial we will see How to Change Workspace in AutoCAD by Steps and How many WorkSpace are available in AutoCAD in detail.

If you want to open new drawing we can do that by going to our application menu bar or from our quick access toolbar, and as soon as we click on 'New' for our new drawing, a dialog box will appear and will ask to Select Template. We can select any template from our existing templates, and extension for template is '.dwt'.

While we open our file we can 'Open with no template - Empirical' and 'Open with no template- Metric', where we will select Metric and a file will get open.

Now suppose if we want to open an existing drawing file then we have 'Open' option in our quick access toolbar, and then select our existing drawing file from where we have saved it.

Now suppose we want to see a power drawing then we can save it from our application menu bar as well as from quick access toolbar, otherwise we can just simply press 'Ctrl+S' from our keyboard, and then name our file as we want it and click 'Save'. The extension for our file will be '.dwg'.

Now if we want to change workspace then we can go to quick access toolbar's last drop down option, and select 'Workspace'. After that we will see the workspace will appear there.

If we want to work in 2D then we can select 'Drafting and Annotation' and if in 3D than we can select '3D Basics' or '3D Modeling'.

We will select 3D basics, and then suddenly all the command of 3D will appear in our Home tab and view will be changed.

Now suppose if we change our work space from 3D basics to 3D modelling than all the command in our Home tab will change accordingly.

We will go back to drafting and annotation ie. 2D. We will see all the command of 2D will appear in our Home tab.

We can also switch between workspace from our bottom right corner.

We can search command from our application menu bar, suppose 'circle', than we can see it's path there.

We can search command from our application menu bar, suppose 'circle', than we can see it's path there. So if any command which we are looking for is not founded, than we can search it here.


Rather than relying on different AutoCAD profiles, save a custom Workspace. On the status bar, use the WSSAVE command or choose "Save Current As" in the Workspace menu.

  • To Display a Toolbar
  • At the Command prompt, enter TOOLBAR.
  • Select a toolbar from the list.

The workspace is the area in which you work with AutoCAD. The workspace can be customized to suit your needs, and you can create as many workspaces as you need.

AutoCAD provides you with the option of creating multiple workspaces on your computer. This allows you to have different projects open on different screens at the same time. To change from one workspace to another, simply click on the appropriate workspace in the list of workspaces in the upper-right corner of your screen.

  • There are many drawbacks of using a workspace. Some people find it difficult to work in a space with other people. They might not be able to focus on work, or they might feel like they can't do their best work because there is too much noise.
  • Others may not have the same skillset as you, which means that you cannot collaborate on projects with them. It's also difficult to find a workspace that has all the equipment and software you need for your job.

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