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How to draw ellipse

Draw ECLLIPSE in AutoCAD - Ellipse Command in AutoCAD

Now in this video we will see that how we can draw ellipse in AutoCAD.

First of all to draw a ellipse we will go to our Draw panel and select ellipse where we will see three different options as 'Centre', 'Axis, End', 'Elliptical Arc'.

Shortcut key for drawing ellipse in AutoCAD is 'EL+Enter' key.

Let us take the first option for drawing ellipse ie. 'Axis, End'. In this we will first select our First Starting point and then second point in the same line, which will give us an ellipse, and after that we will select one endpoint which will get us our complete ellipse. It is actually concept based, we have first selected major axis by marking two points, and then minor axis by marking third and with the help of both axis we are able to draw complete Ellipse.

Now we will take second option for drawing ellipse ie. 'Centre'. In this we will first enter the length of our major axis and then length of minor axis, this will get us the ellipse of provided dimensions.

Now we will take another option for drawing ellipse ie. 'Elliptical Arc'. In this we will first write dimensions for major axis and minor axis and draw ellipse first, and then we need to specify start angle and then our elliptical arc will be seen as we move our mouse cursor, now we will be asked to specify the end angle of the arc where we want our arc to end, so we will enter it and then an elliptical arc of our provided dimensions will get created.


An ellipse is a type of closed curve that has the shape of a circle but is not circular. An ellipse is created by two lines that intersect at two points called foci. The distance between the foci (the axis) is called the major axis and the distance from one focus to the other (the minor axis). If you were to draw an ellipse on paper, you would start with two dots and connect them with a curved line.

To draw an oval shape in Autocad, you need to know the following:

  • The first step is to create a sketch.
  • You can use the polyline tool to draw the outline of your shape.
  • After drawing your sketch, you can select it and then go to "Entity Properties" tab where you will find "Shape" property.
  • There are five shapes that you can choose from - circle, ellipse, polygon, rectangle and rounded rectangle.
  • Select the ellipse shape and then enter in your desired dimensions (width and height) of your oval shape.

  • In order to convert a polyline into an ellipse, you need to first create the polyline that is going to serve as the boundary of your ellipse. You can do this by clicking on the Object Manager tab and then clicking on the Create panel. From there, click on the Polyline icon and then draw a line with your mouse.
  • After you have created a polyline, you will need to select it from the drawing area so that it is highlighted in blue. Once it is selected, you can go ahead and select Edit from the drop-down menu that appears at the top of your screen. Next, click on Convert under Objects in order to bring up a menu with different options for converting objects from one type into another. From this menu, choose Elliptical

The ellipse is the most basic shape in AutoCAD. It can be created by using the “Ellipse” command.

To create an ellipse, use the “Ellipse” command and specify the following parameters:

  • The starting point of the ellipse (x-coordinate)
  • The ending point of the ellipse (x-coordinate)
  • The starting point of the ellipse (y-coordinate)
  • The ending point of the ellipse (y-coordinate)

This article will show you how to convert an ellipse to a polyline in Autocad:

  • Select the ellipse by pressing the left mouse button.
  • Right click on the selected ellipse and select "Convert to Polyline".

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