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How to use etrasmit



Now in this video we are going to learn that what is Etransmit command in AutoCAD.

Now suppose if we have two files, one is of architecture and other is of furniture. Now suppose when we mail any one the architecture file, he is only able to see the architect of the house whereas we have added furniture file also in it using xref command. So therefore we need to send two files individually.

This all can be done by using Etransmit command. We will go to our command prompt window and write etransmit there and press Enter key.

This will open one dialogue box in front of power screen named as 'Create Transmittal'. In this we will be able to see that which are all the files which we have used in our current drawing. We can add files to the transmittal package or remove existing files also.

We also have one other option of 'Modify Transmittal Setup' in which we can see the type of our file, and select the type according to our requirements if we want.

After doing all this we will come back to our initial dialogue box and click OK and save our file at which ever location by providing it with a name.

So this will bring all the required drawing files where we saved it.


Packetizes a group of files for transmission over the Internet. When you pick a collection of drawing files in a transmittal package, all related dependant files, such as xrefs and font files, are automatically included.

Using a Sheet Set to Create a Transmittal Package:

  • To send a sheet set, first open it.
  • Right-click one of the following types of nodes from the Sheets-Tree list in the Sheet Set Manager, Sheet List tab:
  • Click ETransmit from the shortcut menu.
  • Click Transmittal Setups in the Create Transmittal dialogue box.

To compare two drawings, use the DWG Compare function. To demonstrate the differences, colour and revision clouds are employed. Select DWG Compare from the Application menu > Drawing Utilities.

By pressing the Add File button on the bottom of the Current Drawings window, as shown in the image below, you can add additional files to the eTransmit package. The Enter Messages panel is located below, and it allows you to add notes to the package for the recipient.

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