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How to draw polyline

Polyline AutoCAD - How to Draw Polytine in AutoCAD

In the last video we have seen that how we can draw spline, Hindi video we will see about polyline command in AutoCAD and how we can draw polylines in AutoCAD.

The shortcut key for drawing polylines in AutoCAD is 'P+L+Enter' key. As soon as we enter in polyline it will ask us to specify start point, then we will draw our polyline similarly how we drew our lines using line command. Move our mouse cursor in the direction we want our polyline in AutoCAD to be and then entering dimension of it.

We are also provided with different options in command prompt services Arc, Close, Halfwidth, Length, Undo, Width.

We have an option Arc, which says that we can also draw arc in our polyline. When we select our option we will be able to draw arc in place of lines.

The main difference between line and polyline is that when we select the polyline it will be whole selected at once, while only single single lines will be selected in case of lines.

Now we will again draw a polyline in AutoCAD, and see Halfwidth and Width option in Command prompt window. When we select width option we are asked to enter starting and ending width of our line in mm, when we will enter it a line with provided dimension will appear on our screen.

We can also draw Arrow icon with the help of width option, by providing startimg with as 0.5 and ending width as 2. And then join it by another small dimensioned line with starting and ending width same as 1.

It will create an arrow type shape in front of our screen. By using similar method we can also draw double sided arrow.

We can also use the option of length from command prompt window to set the size of the line.

Now we can use Close option when we have draw some polylines and want to joint the starting and ending point together. It means that this joins the starting point and ending point with each other from anywhere automatically.


The command for polyline in Autocad is L (L for line).

A polyline is a series of connected straight line segments. Creating a polyline is the first step in creating any 2D drawing.

Steps to create a polyline:

  • Draw two points on the screen, one at the starting point and one at the end of each line segment of your polyline.
  • Click "Start" in the command line and then click "End" once you have finished drawing your desired shape.
  • To add another line segment, just click "Start" in the command line and then click "End."

The following are the ways to select multiple objects in AutoCAD:

  • Select one object then hold down the SHIFT key and select another object.
  • Hold down the CTRL key to select objects that are not contiguous.
  • Hold down the ALT key and click on each object you want to select.

  • The Select Object command is one of the most commonly used commands in AutoCAD. It allows you to select objects on the screen and perform actions on them. But it also has some disadvantages, which are discussed below.
  • Selecting an object with the Select Object command can be tedious if there are many objects on the screen. You have to scroll through all of them to find the one that you want. This is especially frustrating when you just want to select a single object and it takes forever because there are so many other objects on the screen that you need to go through first.

  • AutoCAD offers a number of different ways to select multiple objects. These are all accessed by using the Select Objects command, which is found on the Home tab of the Ribbon.
  • The most common way to select multiple objects is to use the Pick button in the Select Objects dialog box. This allows you to pick individual objects by clicking them with your mouse or pressing Enter when they are highlighted. You can also use Shift+Left-click or Ctrl+Left-click to select a range of objects. To remove an object from your selection, simply click it again or press Esc.

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