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How to import and export layer files using layer states manager

Import and Export Layers in AutoCAD 


In this video, we will see how we can import and export any layer in AutoCAD.

Now suppose while working on any project, we have created 16-17 layers of our choice, and then we want all the same layers for our other Project. We can import them from Project we created.

We will go to layer status manager by pressing the 'Alt+S' key, and then click on the New button and give the New layer state name and description for it and click OK. After that, we will save that Layer State and then export it to the file we want using the 'Export' button.

The extension for saving this file will be '.las.'
Now suppose if we open the Project in which we have exported the properties, we can go to layer properties manager and select the '.las' extension and then the Project from which we want our layers to be imported. Hence It will show all the layer Properties in the new Project also.

We need to remember that whichever properties of line types we are importing, we should first load them in the linetype manager of the new Project. In then, only the layer properties will be imported from other projects.

Now we can easily use all the layers as per our requirement in our new Project.


To make a modification to a layer's settings, simply click it:

  • When you click on the word Yes, it switches to No.
  • When you click a colour, the Colors dialogue appears, allowing you to change it.
  • You can change the line weight by clicking on it.

To execute the layers, double-click the layer state, close the dialogue box, and you'll see the layers you require in your present drawing. When you enter the model space in the viewport, you can also save the current viewport's layer state.

A layer state is a snapshot of the layers and layer settings that exist at the moment the layer state is created. A drawing's layer state is maintained and can be restored at any time. The layer state can also be exported and imported into another design.

  • Layers can be added to a Layer State.
  • Click Edit on the layer state to which you want to add layers.
  • Click Add in the Edit Layer State dialogue box.
  • Select the layers you wish to add to Layer State in the Select Layers to Add to Layer State dialogue box. Click the OK button.
  • Close the window.

In the Layers tab, double-click the layer state. In the Layer Tree, click the arrow next to, then pick Set Layer State from the drop-down menu. The Layer Tree adjusts to reflect the selected state when you switch between layer states.

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