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How to create title block using attribute block and template

How To Insert A Title Block In AutoCAD


Now we will learn that how we can create Title block in AutoCAD.

First of all we will draw rectangle and then use Explode command on it.

Now as we are drawing one A4 sheet, we need to be very careful about the dimensions.

So now we will draw offset of the rectangle which we have drawn. So now we will select the bottom left corner point of the rectangle and right offset command, and give the dimension of 5.80 and extend the two vertical lines inside the rectangle using this measurement.

Similarly by using offset command we will extend the two horizontal lines inside the rectangle but by keeping dimension as 17.80.

After using offset command we will use trim command to remove the excess lines which are at every corner of the rectangle.

Now we will connect the inside's rectangle lines with each other perfectly by selecting all four lines and using join command. This will completely connect all the lines together accurately.

Now after that we will again take one offset of 5 mm dimension and place extend the whole inside rectangle for one more time inside.

As we are setting page setup therefore we have taken some specific dimensions while using offset command. Therefore we have given 5.80 and 17.80 mm boundary to the rectangle.

Now we can see that we have drawn one format block inside the rectangle, which has some fixed value and some changing values. The values like product name, customer name, drawing number, edition, sheet etc... are variable values so therefore we are going to write it as Attributes.

After that we have made one table in which we need to write text so therefore we will enter 'D+I+Enter' shortcut key in our command prompt window, and we will be able to write text. So by using this command we will write the required text in our table by providing the height as 3.80 mm and rotation angle as 0 degrees.

We will one by one add text in our table by providing midpoint of it. Text which we are going to add in our table are as follows, from which some of the variable values are attributes and not text,

product name

customer name

drwg number



company name

designed by

checked by

approved by


So like this we will be able to add our title block, the next step is to add viewport. So for that we will go to layout tab, and from there we can select any layout viewport we want.

We will select polygon viewport, and mark all the points which covers the area of viewport we want.

So like this we have also added viewport easily.

So now it's time to save our drawing, and we will save this from our quick access toolbar and change the file extension to '.dwt' and name it something and then click on Save. This is how we can insert a title block in AutoCAD.


Attributes for the Title Block can be added or changed. Select an attribute category from the drop-down list under Attribute Category. Click the attribute you want to add to the title block under Attribute Names. Change the Style, Justify, and Text Height boxes as needed under format. Place your cursor there.

On the far left side of the ribbon, click the "Insert" tab and then the "Insert" button. Select your template from the pop-up menu by clicking Browse. Only click the "Specify on screen" option, leaving the other check boxes unchecked. "OK" should be selected.

To make a title block, follow these steps:

  • Begin a fresh sketch with a blank canvas.
  • Using normal AutoCAD commands and objects, create a drawing border.
  • To insert attribute definition objects, use ATTDEF at the command prompt.
  • Enter a name for the Tag, such as DESC1, DESC2, SHEET, SHEET TOTAL.
  • Set the properties and values of any additional attribute definition properties.

  • To make a title block, follow the instructions below.
  • Make a new drawing that is completely blank.
  • Use normal AutoCAD commands and objects to create your drawing's border.
  • To insert attribute definition objects, type ATTDEF into the command prompt.
  • DESC1, DESC2, SHEET, SHEET TOTAL are some examples of Tag names.
  • Set any other properties and values for the attribute definition.

Select a block from the Block list in the Block Attribute Manager, or click Select Block and select a block from the drawing area. Double-click the attribute you want to update in the list of attributes, or pick the attribute and click Edit.

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