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How to use mirror command

How to Use Mirror Command in AutoCAD

Now in this video, we see that how we can use a Mirror command in AutoCAD.

By using the mirror command, we can draw symmetrical parts of objects.

We can select the mirror command from our modify panel.

From a command prompt, the shortcut key for the mirror command is the 'M+I+Enter' key.

  • First of all, we will select the object we want to mirror, and then we will press enter, and after that, we will be asked to mark two points, basically starting and ending points.
  • After that, we will press Enter, and hence our symmetrical part of that object will be drawn.
  • By using a similar method, we can also mirror many other objects like these.
  • Now suppose, in some cases, we do not want the source object to remain as it is after we mirror that object, then we have an option of erasing the source object after we mirror it.
  • We need to click 'Yes' for it in the command prompt.


There are two ways to mirror your text in Autocad. The first and easiest way is to use the Mirror Text button on the Home tab. This will mirror your text horizontally or vertically, depending on which direction you choose. The second way is to use the MIRRTEXT command in the command line. This will mirror your text in a variety of directions and it also allows you to specify an angle for the mirroring rotation.

  • The offset command is used to move the cursor a specified number of lines up or down. The offset command can be used to move the cursor a specified number of lines up or down. It can be used as a substitute for scrolling.
  • This command can be used as a substitute for scrolling when you need to move the cursor only by one line at a time. The offset command moves the cursor by the specified number of lines, and it does not affect any text that is on those lines.

  • Mirrored objects are created by using the Mirror command. This is found on the Home tab of the ribbon, which you can access by clicking on the Design panel.
  • The Mirror command is used to create a mirror image of an object or group of objects. To see this in action, select one or more objects and then click on the Mirror button. You will be given a preview of what your mirrored object will look like before you commit to it. If you are happy with the preview, click on OK and your mirrored object will be created.

Mirroring the object is not just about copying an image. It is about recreating the image in a way that it has a 3D effect. This means that you can’t just take an image and put it on top of another. You need to use some other technique to achieve this 3D effect, such as adjusting the lighting, adding shadows, or using filters.

  • Mirrors are an important part of the human experience. They provide a window to our reflection, and they allow us to see ourselves in a different way.
  • Mirrors make people feel more comfortable about themselves. People like to know that they look good and not like a mess or anything. Mirrors can be used in therapy sessions with patients who have low self esteem or even for people who just want to check their appearance before going out in public.

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