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To make a planar surface in a section that is bordered by a set of closed edges, do the following: Insert > Surface > Planar (Surfaces toolbar) or Planar Surface (Insert > Surface > Planar). The set's edges must all be on the same plane.

Between a network of curves or the edges of other 3D surfaces or solids, a network surface can be built. If the SURFACEASSOCIATIVITY system variable is set to 1, the surface will be reliant on the curves or edges from which it was produced.

To Make a 3D Solid Out of Surfaces That Enclose a Volume Select the Surface tab. Panel for editing Sculpt. Find. Choose one or more surfaces to completely enclose a space. Between the surfaces, there must be no gaps. A three-dimensional solid object is generated.

A planar surface is just a plane, where a plane is a flat two-dimensional surface that is straight in two directions, as the name implies. To put it another way, a plane (or planar surface) is a two-dimensional flat surface with length and width but no height.

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