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How to create layout

Create Layout in AutoCAD


Now in this video, we will see how to create layouts and manage them in AutoCAD.
Now we can go to any layout by clicking on the particular layout shown below. For instance, we click Layout1, and as soon as we connect, we will see one dialogue box open in front of our screen named 'Page setup manager'. We can set the paper space of our page here.

If we do not want the layout and model tabs at the bottom of our drawing area, then we can untick them in the options. Once it is cleared, the tabs will be replaced by buttons on the status bar.
If we want to set the page of our layout manually, we will untick the 'Show page setup manager for new layouts' option and 'Create viewport in new layouts'.

If we open a new layout, nothing will appear on our screen as we have to untick all the options.

We can also set the page manually by going into the Page Setup options, from where we can set the paper size as we want. In our case, we will select 'ISO A4 297×210 mm'. After that, we will press OK, and the paper will be set in the size of A4.

We can then select the rectangular viewport and draw the layout starting from one point to another inside our A4 size page.
We can zoom in and zoom out according to our requirement inside and outside the page by moving our UCS.

We can open a new Layout from our status bar by clicking on the 'New Layout' option.

We can lock our layout's position by using the 'Lock' option given in the status bar, and suppose if we want to unlock that, then the 'Unlock' option is given.

In the next video, we will see if there is one block in our layout and draw a drawing on our page using polygon viewport.


Open the Options window by typing OPTIONS on the command line or clicking the Options button in the AutoCAD application menu at the top-left, then picking the Display tab, enabling the checkbox "Display Layout and Model tabs" under the Layout elements section, and then clicking OK.

Make a new design:

  • Click the module to which you wish to add a layout in the Project window.
  • Select File > New > XML > Layout XML File from the main menu.
  • Provide the file name, the root layout tag, and the source set to which the layout belongs in the popup that opens.
  • To complete the layout, click Finish.

  • Change the names and numbers of the sheets. Rename and renumber a sheet by right-clicking on its name.
  • Take a sheet from the sheet set and put it aside. Remove a sheet from the sheet set by right-clicking on it and selecting Remove Sheet.
  • Subsets can be added.
  • Select OK.
  • Subsets should be removed.
  • Arrange the sheets and subsets in a new order.

On your Autocad document, simply click on the "Layout 1" tag next to the Model tag (see right) You'll leave your "Model" workspace and go to the "Layout" workspace (see below). If the grid is still on, you'll see a box on the piece of paper that may show some of your work or a grid in it.

Choose one or more sheets from the drop-down menu. Make a right-click selection. Change the page setup by clicking the Change Page Setup button. Select a page arrangement to apply to the drawing sheets from the Page Setup list.

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