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How to use layer dropdown menu

Layer Dropdown Menu in AutoCAD


In this video, we are going to see how we can use the Layer drop-down menu.

We can add any new layer from the Layer Properties Manager and provide it with any color, linetype, lineweight, and transparency.

We can also see the layers which we created directly from the layers column in the command menu of AutoCAD. So we can also use it from there.

We can use layers by two methods. One is first select layer and then draw it, while the other is first to draw it and then select it and apply the layer on it.

We can get it from our layer; otherwise, we will add the layer first for it and then use it for drawing.

Now suppose if we have first drawn the object, and now we want to apply a layer on that, so for that, we will first select the object where we want the layer to used, and then select the required layer.
Now we want to apply the line weight we entered in that particular layer. Then we can go to the drafting tools and mark it ON.

So like this, we can select any object and apply the layer we want.
We also have another option like turning off the layer that we created. Its located on the left side of the layer name only.
The other option we have in layers is to lock and unlock any layer we created; this means that we cannot delete or change any properties once we have closed any layer.

We can also freeze any layer which we want by using the on/off freeze layer option.

We can also turn off all the layers at once using its particular option from the Layers' properties.


To begin, select New. A row is added to the Predefined List by the software. Click the value column in the new row and type a valid value for the component property. Enter a brief description in the Description column.

Layer can be selected by right-clicking and selecting Layer. To indicate the layer on which you wish to place dimensions, the programme prompts you to provide a layer name or select an object, or you can type a period (.) to choose the current layer. Select the horizontal dimension you previously placed with a click.

Select the block you want to change in the Edit Block Definition dialogue box and click Edit Block. Click the Add Visibility button on the Block Editor visor. As directed by the popup, specify the parameter location. In the Block Editor, go to the Visibility State drop-down menu and select the Visibility State Manager option.

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