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Introduction To AutoCAD 2016 - What is AutoCAD

In the first lecture of AutoCAD we will look basic introduction of AutoCAD and what is AutoCAD. This course is explained and used AutoCAD2016 for teaching purposes.

How to Install AutoCAD

Here we explained AutoCAD installation process step by step, also kindly check our Video of How to Install AutoCAD.

Step:1 If we have installed AutoCAD in our PC then one shortcut of AutoCAD 2016 will appear on our desktop. And then we can double click on it to launch it.

Step:2 When we will open AutoCAD then certain type of screen will appear in front of our screen which will show some recent documents which we have opened lastly, notifications and below that Connect to AutoCAD area, where we can sign in and save our drawing in cloud.

Step:3 Now when we click on 'LEARN' we can see different types of videos for getting started and also what's new in AutoCAD we can see there.

Step:4 Now coming back to 'CREATE' section where we can see 'Get Started' option in front of our screen. If we want to start new drawing then we can select any particular template according to our choice and start from here.

We will click on Start Drawing option and then a menu will appear and it is known as Basic Screen of our AutoCAD.

Step:5 On the top left corner we can see Application menu bar, where we can click and start new drawing, open our existing drawings, save our drawing, also save as, then we can publish it, print it, and atlast if we want to go out of AutoCAD than we have Close option also. So this is what application menubar is.

Step:6 Beside Application Menu Bar we have Quick Access Toolbar, where we have same functionality like New, Open, Save, Save as, Plot, and also Undo and Redo.

Below Quick Access Toolbar we have our Ribbon section, in which we have different tabs such as Home, Insert, Annotate, Parametric, View, Manage, Output etc...

Step:7 Inside our home tab we have different Draw panels, Modify options and Annotation panel, Layers panel, Properties etc... When we click on drop panel we can see one Panel Expanded Icon.

In below all panels we have our View controls which provides access to standard and custom views and 3D projections. We can also change the view from visual style controls, such as 2D wireframe, conceptual, hidden, realistic, shaded, shaded with edges, and many more.

On the right side of our screen we have our View cube, from where we can go to our right, left, top, bottom side of our drawing.

Below that we have our navigation toolbar, from where we can have many options like Pan, Zoom extends, Orbit and others.

In the bottom middle we have our command line which will show the command we are going write.

In the bottom right corner we have our Model, layouts as Layout 1, Layout 2, etc...

And the remaining middle part of our screen is called our Main Drawing Area.

So in the Next Tutorial We will See How to change workspace in AutoCAD


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