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How to use zoom and pan command

How to use Zoom or Pan command in AutoCAD

Now in this video we will see how to use zoom in and zoom out in AutoCAd and How to Use PAN command in AutoCAD respectively.

How to Use PAN Command? - How to PAN Autocad with Mouse.

First of all we will see Pan command. Shortcut key for Pan command is 'P+Enter'. As our Pan command is activated we can see our cursor change to a hand tool and then we can click and hold our left mouse button and move the drawing on our screen according to our requirement.

To return back from Pan command we can press 'Enter' key or also 'Esc' key from our keyboard.

We are also given Pan command in our navigation panel.

If we talk about zoom command, we can control it from our scroll bar in mouse, scroll up to to zoom in, and scroll down to zoom out.

We can also use Pan command by pressing our scrollbar from mouse and moving it according to requirement.

How to Use Zoom In and Out in AutoCAD

Shortcut key for zoom command is 'Z+Enter'.

We can also select more option of zoom command from our command section such as All zoom, Extends if our drawing is somewhere lost, or Window if we want to zoom only selected particular area.

We can also zoom on particular object of drawing, by selecting 'Object' from command section after pressing 'Z+Enter' and then selecting particular shape/object. It will zoom all way to that object and will appear on our screen.

Now below our drawing we are given a UCS, we will select it and right click on it and select UCS properties and open it. Inside that we can set our UCS icon style as 2D or 3D, also we can maintain the UCS icon size according to our requirement. We can even set model space icon color from here, and also keep that in single color by ticking the single color checkbox.



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