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How to use lengthen command

Lengthen Command in AutoCAD


Now in this video, we are going to see that what is Lengthen command in AutoCAD.

The shortcut key for using lengthen command is the 'L+E+N+Enter' key.
We have many options inside this command like Delta, Percent, Dynamic, Total.

Lengthen command is used in lines, splines, polylines, and arcs. In short, for every open object, we can use this command.

Now we will see the first option of this command, ie. Delta. The shortcut key for the delta command option is the 'D+E+Enter' key. This command is used to increase the length of any line, by providing dimension. We need to click on the line's side, which we want to increase by a specified dimension.

If we have drawn any polyline and want to increase the length of that polyline by ten units, then we will use the delta command and specify the delta length as 10. will increase the length of the polyline from any side by ten units.

Now we will see the other option of this command, i.e. 'Percent'. It is used to manage the line by per cent we enter.

Now we have another option of Lengthen command, i.e. 'Total'. Also used to provide the line of Total distance we enter, suppose if the line is of hundred units and we have entered 150 units in this command, then the line will increase by 50 units only.

Now we will see another option of this command, i.e. 'Dynamic'. The shortcut key for using this option is the 'D+Y+Enter' key. It's used to draw the line with a certain reference point.


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