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how to use function keys and ortho key.

Function Key and Ortho Key in AutoCAD


Now in this video, we will see the use of the function key and ortho key.
In our screen below the command window, there is a MODEL written, so the whole line which is there is known as Drafting tools.

The Shortcut key for drafting tools gives in our keyboard from F1 to F12.

  • F1: Online help
  • F2: Command Window
  • F3: To On/Off OSNAP
  • F4: 3D OSNAP
  • F5: Isoplane, Top, Right, Left
  • F6: To On/Off Dynamic UCS
  • F7: Grade On/Off
  • F8: Ortho On/Off
  • F9: Snap-On/Off
  • F10: Polar On/Off
  • F11: Object Tracking On/Off
  • F12: Dynamic Input.

We will start with our 1st key, F1, which used for online help, so as soon as we press the F1 key, the help menu will get open in front of our screen. Suppose if we want to search any command, then the window is provided here.

After that, as soon as we press F2, the command window will open in front of our screen. All the history of our command used will be shown here.

After that, we will see the F8 key. As soon as we press the F8 key, the ortho will get ON. Having ortho option ON will help us to draw a straight line.



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