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How to use function key and isocircle.

Isometric Drawing in AutoCAD


In this tutorial, we are going to learn what is Isometric drawing in AutoCAD.

We will first need to go to snap and grid drafting settings for drawing isometric and change the snap-type from Rectangular snap to Isometric snap.

As soon as we do this, we will observe that our cursor will change from the usual one. Now, as soon as we press the F5 key from our keyboard, we will keep that in our command prompt it will be first written 'Isoplane : Top,' and then when we again press the F5 key, it will change to 'Isoplane : Right,' and similarly if we press F5 key it will change to 'Isoplane : Left.'

Our cursor is also moving with the reference of isoplanes.
One thing which we need to remember while drawing is that we should always keep ortho ON. We can do that by pressing the F8 key from our keyboard.

So by selecting our Isoplane as TOP and keeping our ortho ON, we will draw a small box of 10 unit dimensions for every line. Similarly, by changing our isophane to RIGHT, we can remove the right side of the box and then changing our isoplane to LEFT, and hence we can draw the remaining left side of the box.

We can switch between isoplanes by pressing the F5 key from our keyboard.

If we want to draw a circle on every side of the box that we have outlined, we can remove it with the 'Isocircle' option from the command prompt.

So like this, we can draw isometric drawing in AutoCAD by using several options.


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