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How to use fillet command

Fillet Command in Autocad


Now in this video will see the How to Use Fillet command in AutoCAD.

To use this command, we can select it from our modify panel. Otherwise, we can also enter its shortcut in our command prompt window.

The shortcut key for the fillet command is the 'F+Enter' key.

When we use this command, we can see that we are provided with several options in the command prompt window such as 'Undo,' 'Trim,' 'Multiple,' 'Polyline.'

First of all, we will enter the object's radius and then select any two objects from our screen; as soon as we select two objects, we will see that one arc will appear between them, and this is called FilletFillet. It will be of the radius which we provided.

If we want to use this fillet command more than one time, we will use the 'Multiple' option, which allows us to use this command more than once. So for that, we will first enter the radius as we use to do and then select the Multiple option from the command window.

By doing this now, we can select two objects more than once, and FilletFillet will be applied at every two objects which we select.

If we do not want to use this fillet command anymore, we can press Enter, and we will be exited from the fillet command.

Now suppose if there are any two objects with no common corner and that we can go to radius option and give radius as zero and then select those two objects, we will see that there will be joined corner between those two objects. Now we can easily apply the fillet command there.

Now we will see another option of fillet command that is the 'No trim' option, which is used to keep corner and FilletFillet both together between those two objects.

Now suppose if we have any object drawn with the help of polyline, we can use the 'Polyline' option, and by that, we can apply the FilletFillet over all the polylines objects at once.

We can also use the option of no trim and trim in this.



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