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How to use break, join, erase and oops, undo and redo commands

Undo, Redo, Erase, Oops, Break and Join Command in AutoCAD


This video shows how we can use undo, redo, erase, oops, break, and join Command in AutoCAD.

  • Undo Command in AutoCAD

Undo Command is used to reverse the most recent action we have performed. For that, we will first draw an object, then a circle, and at last a rectangle. Now we do not want the previously drawn rectangle, so therefore we will use undo Command.
The shortcut key for Undo command is 'U+Enter,' or we can press 'Ctrl+Z' from our keyboard. Otherwise, we can also undo our last action from the quick access toolbar.
As soon as we use undo Command, we will see that the drawn at last will disappear.

  • Redo Command in AutoCAD

Command is used to reverse the action performed by undo Command. Suppose if we want the rectangle which we undo recently, then we can use redo Command.
The shortcut key for the redo command is 'Ctrl+Y' from our keyboard. Otherwise, we can also use the redo command from our quick access toolbar. This Command undo the action performed by undo Command.

  • Erase Command in AutoCAD

By using this Command we can remove the object from our screen.
We can use erase Command and click on the objects we want to remove; it will get terminated immediately.
Despite using erase Command, we can select the object which we want to remove and press the 'Delete' key from our keyboard; this works the same as erase Command.
Now suppose if we want to get back the object which we removed by using erase Command. So for this purpose, we will use the 'Oops' Command. This will bring about the last erased object.

  • Break Command in AutoCAD

The shortcut key for using the break command is the 'B+R+Enter' key. It will first ask us to select an object, and as soon as we choose an object, it will become our first point, and then we will select the other end, and till that, the object will Break down. So as we give two points in any object, it will get a break.
We can also use the break command for breaking the circle.

  • Join Command in AutoCAD

Now we will see the Join Command. The shortcut key for using the join command is the 'J+Enter' key. It will ask us to select any two objects, and as soon as we choose those two objects, they will get joined to each other.

Now suppose if we have drawn any object with multiple lines and we want to get that object in one whole thing, then we can use join Command, select that object, and press Enter. This will get the entire object into one.


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