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How to edit table and how to import table from excel

Import Table From MS Excel in AutoCAD


In this video, we will see how we can edit the table and import the table from Excel to AutoCAD.

Now, suppose if you want to enter anything inside the table, we can double-click on any cell and write the data we like.

If we want to insert a new row below the table, we can select any cell from the last row and select the 'Insert Below' option from Rows properties from the Command menu. It will insert one new row below.

Similarly, we have the 'Insert Above' option, which will insert one new row above the row we select.

If we want to delete any row, we can select the 'Delete rows' option after selecting the row we want to delete from the command menu's rows properties.

If we want to insert one new column to the right side of an existing column, we can use the 'Insert Right' option from the column's properties from the command menu.

Similarly, we can insert any column to the left side using the 'Insert Left' option.
If we want to delete any column, we can select the 'Delete columns' option after setting the column we want to delete from columns properties from the command menu.

We can also use the merge cells option as per our requirement; we have three major types of mergers available. First, one merged by column, the second one is connected by row, while the third one is merging.

If we want to insert a table from an excel file, we can use the insert from a data link option, browse our MS Excel file in it, and then select it. After we choose, we can see the table in preview. Moreover, we will press OK and proceed.

The table which we imported will be inserted in the insert table option, and we can use it to insert it into our AutoCAD screen.
So this is how we can import any MS Excel table into AutoCAD using the method mentioned above.


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