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How to draw spline

Spline Command in AutoCAD

Now we will learn about what is spline command in AutoCAD. We can draw spline with two methods, fit points and control vertices. Both the methods are given in Draw panel.

The Shortcut key for spline command is 'SPL+Enter' key.

As soon as we press enter after commanding SPL we can draw any smooth curve with numerous points on our screen. We can click at one point than on other, than at other, than other, and more as we want. And atlast press Enter to see the whole Smooth curve drawn.

We can draw a smooth curve and then select it and see the points we marked. Also we will be shown a dropdown arrow just below our starting point to change the method from Fit to CV and vice-versa. By using Fit method we can control the points we used to make smooth curve by stretching them, removing them etc...

Now we will change the smooth curve method to CV ie. Control Vertices. After changing to CV we will see that vertices has been added to our smooth curve, and we can stretch vertex, add vertex, refine vertices, and remove vertex.

By using refined vertices option we can stretch our curve with small vertices for making it smooth.

We can draw many furniture designs with the help of spline command in AutoCAD. We have also drawn one mechanical shaft with the help of spline smooth curves.


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