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How to draw rectangle

AutoCAD Rectangle Command

In this video we will see that what is AutoCAD Rectangle command and learn how to Draw Rectangle in AutoCAD.

To draw rectangle first of all go to draw panel in then click on rectangle, simply type 'rectangle' in command line. Shortcut key for rectangle command is 'rec'.

We can just simply press left mouse button and draw rectangle from it's starting point and release that button at the ending point. This will give us our required rectangle.

Now we will see that how we can draw rectangle with dimensions, for that we will type rec and draw a rectangle and while drawing we will see dimensions option in our command prompt so we will select it and specify our length's dimension and then width's dimension, it will get us our rectangle according to the dimension provided.

When we will draw any rectangle we will see that it will rotate with our mouse cursor, so to fix it at a place we just need to click inside it and it will get fixed there.

We can also draw a square by providing same dimensions for Length and Width.

We can find another option in command prompt as 'Area', when we select it we will need to enter first Area and then length or width any one, it will automatically count the other according to the formula for rectangle's area.

We also have an option named as 'Rotation' in rectangle's command which will draw rectangle at certain angle, we can also manually write angle according to our choice.


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