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Developers may use React to build massive web applications that can alter data without reloading the page. React's major goal is to be quick, scalable, and easy to use. It only works on the application's user interfaces. This relates to the MVC template's view.

js/React is a Facebook-developed open-source frontend framework based on JavaScript that is well known for its virtual DOM functionality. As a backend service for React, we propose Express.js/Express.

ReactJS is a popular web development tool because of its React components. A web app developer takes advantage of code reusability and flexibility. High performance, cost-effective development, modularity, reusable wrapper components, and other advantages for speedy development are all provided by React.

React is a non-framework open source JavaScript framework. However, it is now the most widely used front-end development technology on the planet. React is a JS 'library' that was created and is still maintained by Facebook and is supported by an active open source community.

React is a toolkit that allows developers to create user interfaces (UIs) in the form of a tree of tiny components. A component is a combination of HTML and JavaScript that contains all of the logic needed to display a tiny piece of a bigger user interface.

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