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Use the react-router-dom NavLink /> component to add the link to the menu. The NavLink component allows you to traverse the application declaratively. It's similar to the Link component, except that if the link is active, it can apply an active style to it.

The standard routing library for React is React Router. "React Router keeps your UI in sync with the URL," according to the documentation. It includes a straightforward API with built-in capabilities such as lazy code loading, dynamic route matching, and location transition management. Make the URL the first thing that comes to mind, not something that comes afterwards."

In React, React Router is a standard library for routing. It allows users to navigate between views of different components in a React application, change the browser URL, and keep the UI in sync with the URL. Let's make a simple React application to learn how the React Router works.

Using Link will take the user to /contact and modify the URL without reloading the page! What part of the application does this go in? The Router component acts as a command centre, connecting the route path (link) to the React component that should be displayed on the page.

We can construct a single-page web application with navigation using React Router and dynamic, client-side routing without having to refresh the page as the user navigates. Component structure is used by React Router to call components that display the required information.

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