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Learning how to use Redux also entails learning how it works, which can be a waste of effort if you don't require it. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn't use Redux unless you can't handle state with React or other front-end frameworks you're working with, according to Dan Abramov, one of Redux's creators.

Redux Toolkit (RTK), formerly known as Redux Starter Kit, provides several options for configuring the global store and creating actions and reducers more quickly.

  • Using configureStore, create a Redux store. As a named argument, configureStore accepts a reducer function.
  • Give the React application components access to the Redux store.
  • Use createSlice to make a Redux "slice" reducer.
  • In React components, use the React-Redux useSelector/useDispatch hooks.

We still utilise React-Redux to let our React components talk to the Redux store, including useSelector and useDispatch, because Redux Toolkit just covers the Redux functionality. So, let's look at how Redux Toolkit can help us simplify the code we've previously created in our todo app.

In terms of React, there is no difference between utilising Redux or Redux Toolkit. In both circumstances, you must use the standalone react-redux package. The volume and safety of non-React-related code differs between the two.

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