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  • 3. JSX

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Instead, you can use the spread operator to transmit all React properties from parent to kid at the same time ( ... ). You can provide the full props object to a child component as that child's props object using the spread operator.

Props can be used, according to the React documentation. Children using components that symbolise 'generic boxes' and who do not know their children in advance.

Arguments supplied into React components are known as props. HTML attributes are used to pass props to components. Props is an abbreviation for "properties."

In React, we utilise props to send data from one component to another (from a parent component to one or more child components). Props is a colloquial term for "properties." They're useful when you want your app's data flow to be dynamic.

You'd use a prop to pass items to this button if you wanted to pass stuff to it. You can add children to our button if you want it to say more than "I am a button." You're passing children to the component by position when you do it this way.

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