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Reducers: As we've seen, actions just tell us what to do; they don't tell us how to do it. As a result, reducers are pure functions that take the current state and action and return the new state, telling the store how to do it.

# An action is a type of object that holds the payload of data. They are the sole way for the Redux store to be updated with new information. Reducers change the store based on the action's value. type.

An anti-pattern is dispatching an action within a reducer. Your reducer should have no side effects and should only digest the action payload before returning a new state object. Chained actions and other side effects can result from adding listeners and dispatching activities within the reducer.

The action object is passed to the root reducer when you dispatch an action creator. Any reducers that process the action type consume the action object, which is sent through the full state tree.

Reducers are used to manage the state of an application. If a user types something in an HTML input field, for example, the application must manage this UI state (e.g. controlled components).

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