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Vue is more customizable than Angular or React, making it easier to learn. Furthermore, Vue's functionality, such as the use of components, overlaps with that of Angular and React. As a result, switching from one of the two to Vue is simple.

  • React is a JavaScript library that is mostly used for building user interfaces and web apps. Vue is a JavaScript framework that uses the concept of data binding to create user interfaces and web apps. Angular is a full-stack framework that provides features like data binding, dependency injection, routing, and more to the developers who use it for creating single page applications or web apps.
  • The difference between these three frameworks lies in their approaches towards data binding, dependency injection, routing etcetera. React has no explicit support for data binding but Angular has explicit support for it while Vue uses its own approach

  • React is a JavaScript library that was developed by Facebook and Instagram engineers. Angular is a JavaScript-based framework that has been used by millions of developers and businesses.
  • React can be used to build user interfaces for web applications, mobile apps, or even desktop apps. Angular was designed primarily for the development of single-page web applications.

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