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As the web app's name, type firebase-user-auth. Then, on the Register app button, we'll be taken to the next step, where we'll be given our firebaseConfig object. Copy the configuration to the clipboard because we'll need it later to start Firebase.

All users can be saved, and you can log in using Google, Facebook, or email. It's similar to an online database, and it's simple to connect to it from Android Studio, where you can then login with the users.

  • function Object() { [native code] }() With emailOrUsername and password, we build up our state variables.
  • handleInputChange() This function sets the associated state variable whenever an input changes value.
  • handleSubmit() This function will call Userfront when the form is submitted.
  • render()

A login page is a web page that allows users to log in to a website or application. It typically includes information about the user, such as name, email address and password. The login page can also include an authentication form or a sign-in button. A login page is often used as an access point for services that require authentication, such as online banking.

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