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  • 6. Styling

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To get started, make a new React project with no dependencies. With npm I -S react-responsive, we'll install the react-responsive package with npm. To clarify, react-responsive anticipates several usage situations, allowing us to use it with Hooks or components. The next step is to open your app.

The simplest approach to style any React application is to use inline styles. You don't need to build a separate CSS if you style elements inline. When compared to styles in a CSS, styles applied directly to elements take precedence.

React-responsive is a media query module for react that allows you to use CSS media queries as a component or hook for responsive web design. Restructure your DOM in terms of CSS/Sass Styling, depending on the screen resolution/size, to render or remove specified styled items in the DOM.

The benefits of using responsive styling are:

  • Better user experience
  • Better SEO ranking
  • Better conversion rates

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