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In React 16.8, hooks are a brand-new feature. They make it possible to use state and other React capabilities without having to create a class. You can extract component logic into reusable functions by creating your own Hooks.

Hooks should always be used at the top of your React method. You can ensure that Hooks are called in the same sequence each time a component renders by following this guideline. That's how React can keep the state of Hooks consistent across numerous useState and useEffect calls.

(name: string, RegisterOptions?) => register: (name: string, RegisterOptions?) => (name, ref, onChange, onBlur) This method allows you to register an input or select element in React Hook Form and apply validation criteria. Validation rules are all based on the HTML standard, however bespoke validation techniques are also possible.

useForm is a custom hook for easily managing forms. Optional arguments are accepted. All of the arguments, as well as their default values, are shown in the following example.

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