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  • 5. Iterations and conditions

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A state object can hold arrays that can be modified when an API or users respond. React uses a shallow comparison to track changes in a state object, which means it doesn't check characteristics of objects when comparing them. This tutorial will show you how to use an array to change the state of a component.

  • Using the index position, get the row and apply it to a new variable.
  • Using the new variable, change the object property.
  • Then, using the index position, assign the modified object to the array.
  • To update the array, use the setter function.

A container object that stores a fixed number of values of a single type is called an array. The length of an array is determined at the time of its creation. Its length is fixed after it is created.

Arrays are a way to store multiple related data in a single variable. They can be used to store any kind of data, like strings, numbers, objects or even functions.

  • Lists: Lists are not indexed by any key and they are ordered by insertion order. Insertion order determines the position of an item in a list, which is determined by its index number.
  • Arrays: Arrays have no indexes, so you cannot determine the position of an item in an array. You can access items at any time using their index numbers or iterate through them using the forEach() function.

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