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  • 8. Dialog and modals

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We'll learn how to use React life cycle methods to save React form data or form state in local storage in this tutorial. When it comes to keeping data on the web browser, local storage comes in useful; the benefit of local storage is that data remains in the browser until the cache is cleared.

  • Local Storage: For local storage, the keyword localStorage is used. The official page Official Local Storage can be used to check browser compatibility.
  • Session Storage: For session storage, the keyword sessionStorage is used.

Is it necessary to keep data in custom attributes? No. We do not recommend storing data in DOM attributes. Data- attributes are definitely a better way even if you have to, however data should be kept in React component state or external stores in most circumstances.

JSON Server can be downloaded from the link and pasted anywhere on your computer to start it. My file contains one million JSON records. Before starting the Reactjs project, make sure JSON Server is running. JSON Server is set to run on port 3000 by default.

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