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  • 5. Iterations and conditions

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If a condition is true or false, conditional rendering describes the ability to render various user interface (UI) markup. It's possible to render alternative items or components based on a condition in React. In the following instances, this notion is frequently used: Using an API to render external data.

React's conditional rendering operates in the same way that JavaScript's conditions do. Create items expressing the current state using JavaScript operators like if and the conditional operator, and let React adapt the UI to match them. Depending on the value of the isLoggedIn parameter, this example renders a different greeting.

Conditional rendering is a pattern that allows you to render different parts of your application based on the state of the application.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It has gained popularity with the rise of its ecosystem. React has been praised for its powerful features, such as virtual DOM diffing and efficient data flow. One of these features is conditional rendering.

Functional components are a better choice for performance-sensitive apps. They are also useful when you want to build reusable modules or components with a modular architecture.

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