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JavaScript XML is abbreviated as JSX. We can write HTML in React using JSX. In React, JSX makes it easy to write and add HTML.

We can send tree structures made up of HTML or React elements around as if they were regular JavaScript values thanks to JSX.

In web development, HTML is a critical language. Your code is either written in HTML or compiles to HTML so that browsers can understand it. JSX, on the other hand, stands for JavaScript Syntax Extension or, as some prefer to call it, JavaScript XML. It was built as a React syntactic sugar.

JSX is an object-oriented, statically typed programming language that runs in current web browsers. The language was created as a research project at DeNA and contains the following qualities. While compiling the source code to JavaScript, JSX optimises it.

While compiling the source code to JavaScript, JSX optimises it. The produced code is faster than the same code written in JavaScript directly. Even the most optimised JavaScript libraries, such as Box2D, become faster when moved to JSX (12 percent faster on iOS 5.1, 29 percent faster on Android 2.3).

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