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React-tags is a lightweight tagging component that you can use in your React projects right away. The component is based on the To field in the compose window of GMail.

  • Concerning. To make a tag input, provide the HTML input element the attribute data-role="taginput."
  • Make a tag trigger.
  • Max tags are new in 4.3.5. You can limit the number of tags that can be created.
  • Random colors for tags. With attribute data-random-color="true" , you can set special mode for component when tag have random colors.

We can set the onBlur prop of a React input text field to a function that does something with the input value to update it with the value on the onBlur event. The useState hook was used to define the inputValue state. The input's value prop is then set to inputValue.

When you use the form> tag, you get automated form behaviour, such as form submission when you press Enter while an input is focused. There is no reason to avoid using a form tag. OnEnter might be added by making a HOC of inputs, which is what I did to keep track of input status and events.

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