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  • Redux

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  • A connected component receives props by default.
  • connect has a mapDispatchToProps argument that allows you to define functions that dispatch when called and give them as props to your component.

Every reducer is 'called' by dispatch(). It employs an event system, with all reducers tuned in to this event (this is all behind the scene). You can still build a piece of code to go between the dispatch call and the reducers' catching actions. It's referred to as middleware.

Introduction. Redux's actions are dispatched synchronously by default, which is a problem for any app that has to interact with an external API or execute side effects. Redux also supports middleware that lies between the dispatch of an action and its arrival at the reducers.

is that delivery refers to the act of sending something, whereas dispatch refers to a message sent swiftly, such as a cargo, a speedy business settlement, or an important official message issued by a diplomat or military leader.

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