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Any react project's building pieces are components. This folder contains a set of UI components, such as buttons, modals, inputs, and loaders, that can be used in several files throughout the project. Because it will be widely utilised in the project, each component should have a test file for unit testing.

  • Shared components are stored in the components or shared folder.
  • However, don't optimise too soon!
  • Save whole pages (route endpoints) in the pages or screens folder (for React Native)
  • If the default export of a file is a React component, capitalise the filename as if it were the component itself.
  • Make sure to use absolute imports!

With React JS, developers can easily create and share a website or application. This framework is not only lightweight but also easy to use.

If you want to understand how the file structure in React js works, you can follow this guide by React docs. It will help you understand how the file structure works and what are the different files that make up an app.

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