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  • import'react-router-dom'; Route path='/redirect-page' element='Redirect to="/error-page" />
  • import'react-router-dom'; Route path="/redirect" element="Navigate to="/error-page" /> />

When you render a redirect, you'll be taken to a new location. Like server-side redirects (HTTP 3xx), the new location will override the existing location in the history stack.

The Navigate component is used to redirect by itself, with the replace prop supplied. You must combine with a Route if you wish to emulate RRDv5's Redirect component redirecting from a path.

Redirect from "react-router-dom" is imported; The simplest approach to use this method is to keep a redirect property in the component's state. You can simply update the state to re-render the component, rendering the Redirect> component, whenever you want to redirect to another path.

When you click on a link, it takes you around your app. When Redirect is rendered, it will immediately add a record to the history stack.

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