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Select Define custom component from the Access advanced features menu. The dialogue box for the Custom Component Wizard appears. Select the component type from the Type list: connection, detail, seam, or part. Enter a unique name for the component in the Name box.

  • Create a Car class Car component that implements React.
  • Create a Function component called Car function Car() { return <h2> Hi, I am a Car! </
  • Inside the Garage component, use the Car component: return h2>function Car() function Car() function Car() function Car() function Car() function Car() function Car() function Car() /I am a Vehicle!/

Components are the building blocks of all React applications, and they are discrete chunks of functionality that you may reuse in your programme. Simple JavaScript functions and classes are frequently used, but you utilise them as if they were customised HTML elements.

Functional Components (Functional Components): Functional components are just javascript functions. By writing a javascript function, we can create a functional component in React. The class components are a little more complicated than the functional components.

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