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At the top level of your custom Hook, just like in a component, make sure to only call other Hooks unconditionally. A custom Hook, unlike a React component, does not require a signature. We may choose what it accepts as parameters and what it should return, if anything.

Finally, we were able to develop a reusable custom hook with simple logic. You may manage component lifecycles using the React useEffect hook without having to convert your functional-based components to class-based components.

The major reason for writing a custom hook is to reuse code. Instead of writing the same code across different components that use the same common stateful logic (such as "setState" or "localStorage"), you may put that code into a custom hook and reuse it.

Hooks are a type of function. What makes them unique is what they're for and when they're supposed to be used. Their aim is to provide a means for you to interact with the react component lifecycle, and they're written in such a way that they only operate when called while a functional component is rendering.

A Hook is a react function that allows you to leverage state and react features from a component that is based on functions. Instead of toggling between HOCs, Classes, and functions, hooks allow you to use the functions. You may utilise the built-in Hooks and develop your own unique one because Hooks are standard Javascript functions.

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