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ForwardRef is the sole mechanism to pass a ref to a function component. When using forwardRef, you may either send the ref to a DOM element so the parent can access it, as in example 1, or you can use the useImperativeHandle hook to generate an object containing fields and methods, as in example 2.

React users can provide refs to child components using the forwardRef hooks. UseRef or createRef can be used to create and reference the ref, which can subsequently be supplied to a parent component. When a ref needs to be accessed in a parent component, forwardRef instead of useRef is useful.

Refs are a React function that allows you to access the DOM element and any React elements you've generated on your own. They're utilised when we need to update the value of a child component without using props or anything.

The forwardRef method in React lets parent components transmit down (or "forward") refs to their children. ForwardRef grants a child component a reference to a DOM element created by its parent component in React. This permits the child to read and edit the element from any location where it is utilised.

We can pass in the refs in an object to forward multiple refs with React. Since we constructed the Child component by executing forwardRef with the component function, it takes refs. We destructure the refs we pass in using const ref1, ref2 = ref in the function.

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