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When an event is fired, event handlers determine what action should be performed. This could be a button press or a text input change. Event handlers are the components that allow users to interact with your React project.

OnClick instead of onclick is how React events are written in camelCase syntax. Curly braces are used to write React event handlers: instead of onClick="shoot()," use onClick="shoot."

An event handler is a routine that interacts with an event and allows a programmer to create code that runs when the event happens.

To apply the click event to an element in React using simple JavaScript, use addEventListener(). Create one button> element with ref props so that the click event can be triggered.

An event is a type of action that can be initiated by a user action or a system-generated event. A mouse click, a web page loading, tapping a key, window resizing, and other interactions are examples of events.

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