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The state is a React Component instance. A class is an object with a set of observable characteristics that regulate the component's behaviour. In other words, a component's State is an object that contains information that may change over the component's lifespan.

The state object is a built-in React object that holds data or information about the component. The state of a component can change over time, and when it does, the component re-renders.

React uses a simple JavaScript object called state to encapsulate information about the current state of a component. It's taken care of by the component (just like any variable declared in a function).

It's straightforward to create a class component; simply declare a class that extends Component and includes a render function. You can use it in any other component after that. It is not necessary to define one component per file, however it is a good idea.

Internal "state" in React components refers to a group of key-value pairs that belong to the component. React re-renders the component when the state changes. State could previously only be used in class components. You may also use hooks to apply state to functional components.

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