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  • 3. JSX

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Your website is currently static. The data is set in stone and cannot be changed. Websites with data that varies over time can also be dynamic. For example, if additional public areas were to be added to the site, they would appear on the list.

Dynamic data is a powerful tool for React developers because it allows them to create more complex UIs with fewer lines of code, increase performance, and maintain consistency across components.

In React, JSX makes it easy to write or add HTML. HTML tags may be easily converted to react elements using JSX. It is more efficient than standard JavaScript. We can use JSX to add HTML elements to the DOM without having to use the appendChild() or createElement() methods.

The JavaScript syntax extension is abbreviated as JSX. It's a JavaScript extension that lets us express React's object tree in a way that looks like an HTML template. It's essentially an XML-like extension that lets us create markup-like JavaScript and have it returned from a component.

Because react is merely a javascript library, it makes no difference whether you use JSX or JS. They can be used interchangeably!

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