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It's simple to utilise because the localStorage variable is available in react without the need to import additional libraries. It comes with four built-in functions for storing, retrieving, and deleting data. -> It has a getter method, for example, to get a value. Use localStorage to remove specified data.

LocalStorage is a web storage object that stores data locally on the user's computer, which means the data is saved between browser sessions and has no expiration date.

  • setItem(): This function is used to populate localStorage with a key and a value.
  • getItem(): Using the key, this function retrieves an item from localStorage.
  • removeItem(): This method is used to delete a localStorage item depending on its key.

function App() let saveData = () => import React from "react"; return (div> button onClick=saveData>Save!/button> /div>); localStorage. setItem('Object 1', "test object"); export the default application; SetItem is used to create a new storage object in the code above.

Some users choose to keep all of their data in Redux so that they may always have a serializable and controlled version of their app. Others prefer to maintain non-critical or UI state inside a component's internal state, such as "is this dropdown now open." It's OK to use local component state.

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