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When an element loses focus, the blur event is triggered.

The blurRadius feature in React Native allows you to blur images. It works on both components ( Image and ImageBackground ). Both components feature the blurRadius attribute, which allows you to blur an image from 1 to 100 pixels.

  • Present props as a counter-argument. That's what we did in the first line of the code: Tool(props) is a function.
  • Declare the props variable(s) with the const name = props keyword.
  • In the JSX template, use variable(s).
  • In the App component, pass data to props.

Data is saved in React Components as properties or states. The component's input values are called properties. When rendering the component and initialising the state, they are used (discussed shortly). Properties should be regarded immutable after the component has been instantiated.

A state object is included with React components. The state object is where you keep all of the component's property values. The component re-renders when the state object changes.

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