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React components that capture JavaScript problems anywhere in their child component tree, log them, and display a fallback UI instead of the component tree that crashed are known as error borders. Error boundaries catch mistakes that occur during rendering, lifecycle methods, and constructors in the entire tree underneath them.

I use react-error-boundary to use Error Boundary in Functional Component. When we execute this application, the content of the ErrorHandler component will produce a lovely error display. Any fault from the components below them in the tree is caught by the React error barrier.

  • Make a class that extends React component that contains the props.
  • Now add the componentDidCatch() method, which allows you to catch errors in components in the tree below them.

Error Boundaries are used to handle errors in class components. The most easy and effective way to handle problems that occur within your React components is to use error boundaries. If you use class component, you may construct an error boundary component by inserting the life cycle method componentDidCatch(error, info).

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