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Virtual DOM: React makes use of a lightweight version of the DOM called Virtual DOM (a virtual representation of the DOM). In React Virtual DOM, there is an object for every object that exists in the original DOM.

The virtual DOM (VDOM) is a programming concept in which a library like ReactDOM keeps an ideal, or "virtual," representation of a user interface in memory and syncs it with the "actual" DOM. This is referred to as reconciliation.

An effective method of updating data in web applications, such as the one we've discussed a few times, will improve efficiency. The UI in the virtual DOM renders faster and easier than the UI in the real DOM.

A virtual DOM is a JavaScript representation of the Document Object Model (DOM) used by declarative web frameworks like React, Vue.js, and Elm. It takes less time to update the virtual DOM than it does to update the actual DOM (via js).

In simple terms, virtual DOM is a memory-based duplicate of the actual DOM that is synced with the real DOM using frameworks like ReactDOM. Reconciliation is the name given to this procedure. The Virtual DOM has the same properties as the Real DOM, but it lacks the ability to update the screen's content directly.

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